Newsflash: Jay’s Playful Earth has been awarded 3 residency grants from the MA Cultural Council STARS program for building Rube Goldberg Inventions and teaching about Simple Machines!

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“Absolutely fantastic! Jay’s concert totally engaged our children, and was parent friendly too! Great feedback from all who attended! Nancy Farber, Director, Cushman School, Amherst, MA

“Wonderful! Entertaining, age appropriate, educational, never boring, and just the right length of time!” – Pat Blarr, 5th grade, Alden Intermediate School, Alden, NY

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  • Programs for schools, libraries, festivals, anywhere!

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    These assemblies and workshops promote action and awareness on kindness & community, littering & recycling, wellness & nutrition, creativity in the arts and music, and the importance of math, science, and literacy!

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     Book one of Jay’s dynamic concerts, a hands-on engineering workshop, or one of each, for the 2017 summer reading theme, Build A Better World!

    All school and library programs are available at any venue! Jay rocks the house solo, or with the Playful Earth band…

    • Summer camp
    • Folk festival
    • Farmer’s market
    • House of worship
    • Home-schooling group
    • Eco-Fair
    • Theater
    • Museums
    • Wherever kids and families gather!
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“Fine, professional performance. A real learning experience. Keep up the good work!” – Jeanette Campbell, 4th grade, Charles E. Walters, Yaphank, NY

“Top Notch! Definitely kept the interest of the children.” – P. Matey, 3rd grade, Southwest Elementary, Torrington, CT

click to email Jay, or call or text to 413-627-3145



“Jay Mankita jumps up and down with a big grin on his face, playing incredible guitar, getting everyone laughing. Moments later, he’s doing a dead serious song with no accompaniment. Come hear this guy, I think he’s one of the half dozen best songwriters today.” – Pete Seeger