“Playful Earth” is a new name, but the work around here has been going on for almost 30 years. In the simplest terms, this is Jay Mankita’s creative home for his family friendly “kindie” music for children, including his concerts, workshops, recordings, teacher & parent resources, and arts-in-ed programs in schools, libraries, camps, festivals, etc…

(Jay’s “other” music, including his sometimes poignant, often funny and political folk-americana music for adults can always be found at his “grown-up” site, www.jaymankita.com.)

Jay Mankita’s musical work with kids and families has had many names over the years, often the individual show titles or themes: The Day The Library Went Wild, EcologyShows, Eat Like A Rainbow, The Amazing Time Travel Show, Living Planet Music, and for the longest time, just Jay Mankita Productions.

As the projects have broadened in scope, and in geographical outreach, Jay wanted a name that would encompass all aspects of this work: concerts, recordings, workshops, resources, and on all the themes and topics his work covers, while at the same time, making a clear separation between the kid/family projects, and his more adult-oriented work.

Since so much of Jay’s kindie music is playful, and his work is very much Earth-focused, this seems like the perfect name, and the right time.

We are a very small team right now; Jay, Susan, Tamara, and occasionally Jay’s son Mojo (8).

Welcome to Playful Earth!