Hey Librarians, Camp Directors, Principals, Science Teachers, Recreation Center Directors, Festival Organizers, and PTO/PTA folks! We are now booking dates for 2017/2018! These programs are a perfect fit for any school, library, camp, festival, town, community & senior center, or party!, This program can be modified for any size group, and any age range, and is available through the school year, plus, summer, vacation weeks, or any time at all!

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    Teaching artist Jay Mankita presents Simple Machines and Rube Goldberg Inventions! Basic Forces and Motion. Playful Engineers! Totally hands-on, and STEM supporting!

    Jay guides and inspires participants to construct delightfully complicated contraptions that accomplish simple tasks. Jay supplies dominos, popsicle sticks, rubber bands, string, ping pong balls, pulleys, buckets, tracks, ramps, lego cars, etc…, as well as Jay’s pre-constructed catapults, mini-zip lines, screwbolt time-spirals, ball-drops, trajectory bouncers, lever-action direction changers, and yardstick marble runs, for kids to study and play with, with plenty of opportunities for making, and learning from, their own mistakes.

    Hands-on fun, and real engineering, in the classroom, camp, or library lawn. Science content tailored from Kindergarten through High School and beyond. Great for family science nights too!


    Classroom workshops and community events include Jay’s introductory presentation, plus some technique demonstration and instruction, but they are mostly hands-on DIY fun.

    For schools, Jay will work with your teachers and principal to design a STEM-themed workshop or residency that kids will love!

Here’s are some mashups of a recent “Playful Engineers” workshop. We learn about basic forces and motion physics by working on easy, experiential and sometimes hilarious simple tasks!

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Time-lapse video from one of Jay’s Rube Goldberg Machine workshops!

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