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NJCC-logo-160pxThrough song, humor, and fun, Jay took the Clean Communities recycling and anti-littering vision to over 100 New Jersey towns – and now Jay goes everywhere through his online concerts, and virtual programs!
Jay’s signature program for Clean Communities, “Home Sweet Home”  is an engaging musical assembly that kids participate in through singing, shouting, (and sometimes dancing) along. The program also features a colorful slide show accompanying the songs with pictures, text, and videos, reinforcing the messages of the show.
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quotes from school leaders…

“Jay, I really enjoyed the assembly that you provided for our school yesterday. We have had multiple Clean Communities assemblies and yours was truly the best we have had here. Many teachers and students told me that they thoroughly enjoyed it and that they hope you can return someday.”Stewart Potter, Principal, Quinton Township ES
“I wanted to say thank you again for the fantastic program you put on for us here at North Dover ES. You were energized and enthusiastic. The children really enjoyed your songs and message…we hope to see you again next year. Thanks again!”Justin Howard, Vice Principal, North Dover ES
“Jay’s presentation today delivered a clear message on keeping our environment clean and healthy. At our full school assembly, he captured the attention of all our K thru 3rd graders with sing-a-long songs and engaged their participation on ways to reduce, reuse, recycle and renew while helping our entire Earth. Wonderful performance that enhanced our Walk-to School day.”Paula Krill, Southern Blvd PTO, Chatham
Dear Jay, Thank you for your wonderful performances at Cozy Lake and Milton Schools this week as part of the Morris County Clean Communities Program. Your program delivered a clear and effective message to our students about loving and protecting our earth, the value of reducing the amount of “stuff” we need, reusing items where possible, and recycling as much as we can. The students and staff loved the assembly and will build upon it as we approach Earth Day and the accompanying activities/curriculum. I appreciated your attention to detail in coordinating the assembly dates and times as well as your prompt delivery of the classroom CDs so students could hear the songs prior to the assembly. Thanks again for a delightful experience! Please enjoy the attached photo and video clip from the schools.Karl Mundi, Principal, Milton and Cozy Lake Elementary Schools
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    Helping kids build a better world through fun, interactive songs on reducing, reusing, recycling, and renewing! Plus composting, anti-littering, and groundwater awareness.
  • PE-Lean-Green-Promo
    Anti-littering and recycling, community pride and neighborhood cleanups, Inventions and progress in recycling technology. And awesome songs!

  • School-Wild-Promo
    Also known as “The Day The Library Went Wild, or “Wild Songs & Natural Stories”, this concert changes names faster than a cheetah can change spots… wait, is that even possible?
  • PE-Cardboard-Promo
    Participants bring cardboard of all types, Jay supplies tape, ping-pong balls, kid-friendly tools, and plenty of challenges and inspiration for the kids.
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