“Playful Earth” is a new name, but the work around here has been going on for almost 30 years. In the simplest terms, this is Jay Mankita’s creative home for his family friendly programs:
1) Musical concerts, workshops, & recordings,
2) Playful Engineering arts-in-ed programs in schools, libraries, camps, festivals, etc…

Jay’s “other” creative work, including his sometimes poignant, often funny and political folk-americana music for adults can always be found at his “grown-up” site, www.jaymankita.com.

Jay Mankita’s musical work with kids and families has had many names over the years, often the individual show titles or themes: The Day The Library Went Wild, EcologyShows, Eat Like A Rainbow, The Amazing Time Travel Show, Living Planet Music, and for the longest time, just Jay Mankita Productions.

As his projects have broadened in scope, and in geographical outreach, Jay wanted a name that would encompass all aspects of this work: concerts, recordings, workshops, resources, and on all the themes and topics his work covers, while at the same time, making a clear separation between the kid/family projects, and his more adult-oriented work.

Jay’s work with children has always been playful, and has always addressed important Earth issues, so this seems like the perfect name, and the right time for a change.

Welcome to Jay’s Playful Earth!